10 Reasons to Remodel

1. Resale Value

Increasing your curb appeal can be as simple as having fresh paint applied. Make sure your New Jersey shutters are in tip-top shape and that your roof looks vibrant and in good health.

2. Making Changes for Health Issues

If you plan on retiring in your home, make sure there are ramps and handle bars installed before an emergency happens and you suddenly need them. This can be as simple as having your outdoor steps replaced with an attractive ramp or handle bars installed in the shower to assist you in keeping your balance.

3. Go green

Replace your old windows with energy-efficient windows to save on your energy bill in the long run. Upgrading old insulation and ensuring there are no air leaks in the home will help you save tremendously.

4. Take Care of your Most Popular Room

The kitchen is where you cook and eat every day. Don’t let it fall behind the times. Upgrade it with a new refrigerator and stove. Make this room more functional and aesthetically pleasing.

5. The Bathroom

Your bathroom may appear in good, working condition, but it could be a hazard to your health! Make sure that your bathroom’s ventilation system works properly so that mold cannot grow.

6. Long-Term Planning

When you first bought your home you may not have thought about staying long. If you had children or started a job close by that is preventing you from leaving – try to enjoy your home! Make the necessary upgrades to make your home as perfect as possible.

7. Overdue for an Upgrade

Are you embarrassed to invite friends over because of your mid-century kitchen? There are easy and affordable ways to give your home a modern look and feel. Just call your local NJ Contractor to find out how.

8. Are you Bored?

Your home has looked the same since the day you bought it. There are easy ways to give your home a facelift. A new paint job or countertops can make a huge difference!

9. Add More Space

Instead of using your basement as your only storage space, make use of the space underneath stairways and in the attic. You could even convert all or half of your basement into living, usable space and install attractive cabinets for your storage needs.

10. New Homes are a lot of Work

Buying a new home is a lot of work. Instead of rushing into it – think about whether or not there are upgrades you could perform to your current home that would make it perfect.

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