A Guide to Elizabeth, NJ Roofs

How much will a new roof for a home in Elizabeth, New Jersey cost? It’s a common question that almost every homeowner will ask at least once during their life. And while roofing prices range depending on a wide variety of circumstances and criteria, there are certain factors and figures you can use to calculate a reasonable estimate for your roofing project.

Today we will go though the major factors in pricing:

A new Elizabeth, NJ roof on a building being built will cost less than re-roofing your home. This is mainly because of the labor involved in stripping the existing roofing material off and the dumping charge to get rid of the old material.

Some Elizabeth, NJ re-roofing projects can be done without needing to remove the old shingles. Installing a metal roof over an existing shingle roof, for instance, can be done with no removal charges or dumping fees. This also makes for an environmentally friendly option, since it keeps the waste out of the landfill.

2. What Kind of Roofing Materials Will Be Installed?

Besides the size of your Elizabeth, NJ roof, the type of material installed is perhaps the greatest factor in terms of price. In many cases a metal residential roof will cost about three times the price of an architectural asphalt shingle. And there are also clay and slate tile options that will require a much larger investment than either of those two options.

On the other end of the scale you can get a low end, three-tab asphalt shingle for less than the architectural shingles that offer a limited lifetime warranty. It depends on your expectations and needs, such as how long you intend to stay in the home and what type of climate the roofing material will be exposed to. Be wary though, those cheaper, three-tab shingles may not hold up against the weather in Elizabeth, New Jersey. In many instances, you get what you pay for.

In any case, it is important to choose quality materials for the flashings, vents, underlay and roof deck. These form the structure of the roof and can greatly affect the overall performance and longevity. New venting systems such as ridge vents may cost more than traditional styles, but also offer better airflow inside your attic, which could result in lower heating and cooling costs.

3. Who Is the Manufacturer?

As in many other industries, the manufacturer chosen for your roofing materials will also affect the overall price. Many of the metal roofing companies source their product from the same factory, but others will not and that can change the price.
4. How is the Roof Being Installed?

This may not vary much from contractor to contractor, but you should have certain options. Asphalt shingles are commonly nailed down, meaning that the cost will not change unless you upgrade to stainless steel nails. Metal roofing, on the other hand, can be installed with either nails or screws, depending on the contractor you hire.

Some metal roofers insist on using screws, claiming that the tightness provides better longevity and strength. Others claim that nails are best to use because of the expansion and contraction that naturally occurs during temperature changes. Ask your contractor what they prefer to use and find out what the price difference is between these two fasteners. Elizabeth, NJ Contractors that use nail guns may also have a lower labor charge than those who hand nail, but the use of guns is so common today that you are not likely to come across this circumstance.

5. What Type of Underlayment Is Being Used?

Just as the roofing material itself makes a difference to the price, the type and grade of underlayment will also affect the cost. On shingle roof jobs the roofing felt is usually a minimum of standard #15, but upgrades to #30 felt, synthetic felt or even a rubber membrane with ice and water resistance are available.

On a re-roofing project the condition of the plywood decking will also make a difference to the final price. Many roofers will include the replacement of one or two sheets of plywood roof deck, but any further deterioration will cost extra – labor and materials.

6. What Other Components Will Be Included?

There are a few other components in a roofing project that can affect the overall price. Any gutters required will add to the cost, while the quality and size of the edge metal used will make a difference. Many homes simply have painted galvanized steel edging, while others may have metal edging with a pre-finished, baked on enamel coating. Still others will opt for aluminum, especially in coastal areas where the salt and moisture require more stringent corrosion resistance.

The thickness of the metal edging also makes a difference. The higher the number or gauge that a steel edge piece is, the thinner the metal and in all likelihood, the cheaper the cost. Invest in the most cost efficient option that will provide your roof with the strength and protection that is needed.

7. How Is Your Roof Laid Out?

The more dormers, peaks and valleys your roof has, the more expensive it will be to roof. If the pitch is especially steep, roofers will charge more for labor thereby increasing the overall price. The same thing applies to houses higher than two stories – the added time and work required to haul roofing material up that high is factored into the cost.

Valleys require extra materials – often metal strips that add a layer of protection in the joints of the roof deck. This material (and the labor to install it) will increase your roofing project price.

If you are wondering what a roofing project will cost you, consider these various factors to come up with a rough idea of cost. Think about how these options will change the price and make your decisions based on the budget and the needs of your family. Feel free to contact your trusted Elizabeth, New Jersey roofing contractor, M&M Construction Specialist to schedule a free analysis of your roof and to receive affordable pricing. M&M Construction Specialist is GAF certified for installing New Jersey roofing products and offers GAF’s System Plus Limited Warranty on all residential or commercial New Jersey roofs.

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