Building Assessments and Reports

The purpose of a building assessment is to provide our clients with recommendations regarding any issues with their building/structures and potential liability risks. The internal and external components of the building are thoroughly examined. M&M Construction Specialist can determine if all areas are code-compliant, and the building and all systems are structurally sound. The grounds are also examined to check for compliance and safety for railings, walkways, and steps. We will supply a detailed and thorough written report, including recommendations and scope of repairs, code-compliance, and more. We will also differentiate between major concerns, safety issues, and repairs.

-Thorough examination of the building/structures

-Provide a detailed report

-Differentiate between major, minor, and possible areas of concern

-Make recommendations based on needs/concerns

Building assessments are ideal for historic structures, commercial buildings, rental buildings, and general property owners. If you need a building assessment for your property, don’t hesitate to call M&M Construction Specialist at 908-378-5951.

The restored front doors to the church reinstalled and the gray accents painted in the front of St. Peter's Episcopal Church in Spotswood, NJ.