Choosing Shingles for a Twin Roof

When it is time to replace your roof, there are a lot of shingle color choices available. Knowing which shingles to choose can be challenging, especially if you have not shopped for a new roof in quite some time. When your home is a twin, it can be even more problematic, because of the adjoining roofs. The tips below help guide you through some things to consider when choosing shingles for a twin home.

Neighboring Roof
There is no rule or guideline that says that each home in a twin must have the same color roof shingles. In fact, many twin homes have roofs that are different colors. When selecting your roof, price will probably be the biggest deciding factor, so work within your budget. However, keeping in mind the color of your neighbor’s roof is a good way to begin narrowing down your own choices.

Coordinating your new roof with the roof of your neighbor is a great way to make the building look more cohesive. Nothing looks more out of place than a twin with bright blue shingles next to one with forest green shingles. Browns and grays, grays and blacks, and browns and tans all look good together. If possible, try to coordinate the shingle color at least somewhat with the twin next door.

It’s All the Same
If your neighbor’s roof needs to be replaced at the same time that yours does, you may be able to land a deal with the roofing contractor for a lower price. You may also be able to install shingles that are all the same color and brand. This is a great way to make the homes look more uniform and cohesive. If you will be installing a new roof and your neighbor will not, you can still choose shingles similar in color to his. Ask your roofing contractor to try to match the next door neighbor’s roof as closely as possible. If the other roof is old, the shingles are probably worn and color faded from the sun and rain. In those instances, choosing a shade slightly darker is the best option. This will ensure the best match when your neighbor finally decides to replace his roof too.

Vastly Different
Maybe you have always hated the color of your neighbor’s roof and now that you are replacing your own, there is no way that you want to coordinate. In times like these, it is important to remember that even though your home is a twin, it is a unique house that can be decorated in any manner you choose. Perhaps those multi-brown shingles that you love will clash horribly with your neighbor’s Spanish red shingles. If you are okay with how the house will look after your shingles are installed, then feel free to proceed. Just remember that your next door neighbor has to live with the look of the house, as well.

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