Cleaning Up Your Home After Hurricane Sandy

Cleanup Safely After Hurricane Sandy

Here are cleanup tips that you may want to consider after Hurricane Sandy if your New Jersey home was inundated by flood waters. Whether at the shore or in the cities, many areas of New Jersey were hit with flooding and many homes and businesses were ruined. We are here to help you rebuild your home or business and will work with insurance companies and FEMA.

-Wear proper protective clothing. Heavy-duty work gloves, hard hats, watertight boots with steel shanks and insoles should be used during cleanup. Earplugs and goggles or face shields should be worn if you are using, or are near, powered equipment such as chain saws, dryers and other dangerous tools.

-Be cautious of chemicals. Floodwaters and high winds may have shifted or unearthed chemical containers. Avoid inhaling chemical fumes. Propane gas tanks for barbecue grills blown onto your property could pose a risk of fire and explosion. Notify your local fire department immediately to handle such hazards.

-Be alert for animal dangers. Wild or stray domestic pets will be disoriented just like humans after a natural disaster. Do not attempt to corral or make contact with such animals. Call your local animal control office to deal with strays and disoriented pets. If you are bitten by an animal, seek medical attention immediately.

-Watch out for an increased presence of rats and other rodents which may feed off spoiled food or animal carcasses. Contact animal control authorities for information on how to dispose dead animals found on your property.

-Don’t wade into the water. Standing floodwater on your property may hide a host of dangers including live electrical lines and fecal matter from overflowed sewage lines. Do not let children play in any water or touch objects that may have been exposed to possibly contaminated water.

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