Exterior & Interior Signs of Needing a Roof Replacement

One of the most important areas of your home is the roof.  The wellness of the roof of your home is necessary to ensure that all of your belongings as well as your family are kept safe from weather and storms.  At www.mmbuilds.com you can find many important tips for caring for and inspecting your roof.  They are also ready to help you in determining if it is time to replace your roof.  There are many important signs that  will indicate if it is time for a roof replacement.  Signs can be seen both on the interior and exterior.


-When you begin to notice an accumulation of roofing sediment in your gutters, it is a good indication that your shingles are becoming too worn and need replacement soon.

-Look at your roof line.  Do you notice missing shingles?  What about shingles with curled up edges?  As your roof begins to age or become more affected by the heat you may begin to see the edges of individual shingles or multiple shingles begin to curl or break. After a wind storm you may notice missing shingles. In storms where high winds are present you may notice that some of the shingles on your roof are ripped off.

-Other areas of your roof that may begin to show signs of needing repair are flashings around chimneys or other air vents, gutters and downspout connections as well as valleys or roof crests.  If you notice damage to any of these areas it is important to consider roof replacement or repair.


-Interior sings of a failing roof are often water spots or water lines that begin to appear on ceilings.  These water spots mean that water is already infiltrating through the roofing, into the attic, and settling on the other side of your ceiling surface.  If you notice water spots inside your home you need to take immediate action to locate and repair the area of the roof where the leak is happening.

-Inside your home you can often spot a damaged area of your roofing by going inside of the attic.  If you see areas of light coming through this is a pretty good indication that the roofing surface in that area needs repair to prevent water infiltration.

-During a heavy rain storm you may first notice a water infiltration problem by seeing an actual leak or noticing a pooling or bulging of the ceiling paint or surface.  A bulging area indicates a large settlement of water above that area and can mean that larger areas of your roof are in disrepair.

No matter where you notice the problem, whether inside or outside, as soon as  you see the first signs of your roof beginning to age or deteriorate it is time to consider roof repair and replacement.  In some cases a single or two may be the only area of damage, but in many cases these indicators tell you it’s time to consider upgrading the entire roof surface.

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