Fire Restoration for NJ Homeowners

Suffering a fire in your home is one of your worst nightmares. In a matter of minutes, all your belongings and your home can be destroyed. Thankfully, M&M Construction Specialist is here to help you clean up and repair your home to what it once was.

M&M Construction Specialist repairs dozens of homes each year in central and northern New Jersey that have suffered from fire, smoke, and water damage. Once the fire is put out, we will come by to tarp and board up the property to prevent further damage. Our crews will work efficiently to clean up and rebuild your efficiently so that life can begin to return to a normal semblance. Our staff is knowledgeable and informed when dealing with insurance companies. We lift the burden from your shoulders by handling the necessary paperwork and dealing with adjusters and insurance agents.

We are currently rebuilding a home in Bergenfield, NJ that suffered a major fire in late 2011.
The extent of the damage resulted in the entire house being gutted down to the studs in some areas, while support beams and floor joists had to be replaced in others.
In the next few weeks, plumbers and electricians will be on site to begin wiring and putting pipes in the house.

If you suffer a fire and need help rebuilding, be sure to call M&M Construction Specialist. We will help you deal with the headache and get your home rebuilt efficiently and to your satisfaction. To learn more about our fire restoration services, visit or call the office directly at 908-378-5951.

M&M Construction Specialist also offers water restoration services for flooded homes and storm damage related cleanup and repairs.

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