Five Cost Effective Ways to Add Value to your New Jersey Home

New Jersey homeowners considering improvements to their property, will benefit from undertaking projects that offer a good return on their investment. This is especially true for homeowners who expect to sell their New Jersey homes in the near future. With an increased number of homes on the market, homeowners who wish to sell, and sell quickly, are looking for ways to help their home make an excellent first impression and stand out among the rest. However, because many homeowners are operating with a limited budget, it is important to devote those resources to home improvement projects that will add the most value to their home. Today we have found five home improvement projects which are likely to add more value per dollar spent are:

1. Exterior Paint:
Fresh exterior paint can provide a home with a much-needed facelift, brighten the home’s appearance and create curb appeal. If the exterior paint is in good condition, perhaps refreshing the trim and adding a new coat of color to the front door would be a cost-effective option.

2. Interior Paint:
Removing outdated wallpaper is a very inexpensive way to give a room a larger feel. If selling your home, creating a neutral color palate helps prospective buyers imagine their furnishings in the home.

3. Bathroom Remodel:
An outdated NJ bathroom, especially in a master suite, is a big turn off. By remodeling, the current owner can enjoy an en suite retreat, and prospective buyers will envision their own spa days to come! Bathroom remodels can create a spa-like feel with improvements such as new fixtures, updated flooring, or new tile work.

4. Kitchen Improvements:
In most homes, the kitchen is the center of family activities. If a kitchen has outdated cabinetry, counters and appliances, it will not attract potential buyers. Instead of a complete remodel, consider which items in the kitchen are in need of the most attention and prioritize from there. Often, outdated cabinetry can be given a whole new appearance with paint and new hardware, or by being refaced with new doors. Instead of upgrading to hardwood flooring, consider less-costly, but great looking laminate floors. Lastly, if the kitchen appliances are old or in disrepair, upgrading with mid-range but visually appealing appliances can give your New Jersey kitchen a new look.

5. Lighting:
Lighting is often overlooked but can be a crucial way to highlight the best features of your home. With old, dated fixtures or insufficient lighting, a home will take on a depressing, cave-like feel. Brightening the home with accent lighting that shows off its best features will help the home seem larger and more open.
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