Flood Damage

Floods hit you when you least expect it – suddenly your home is disrupted and your property is in shambles. If you have suffered water damage, you need to get help fast. You must respond quickly to water and flood damage. Flooding can cause havoc on your home and basement. Cleaning a flooded basement and removing flood water can be difficult and time consuming. M&M Construction Specialist will help you get back on your feet by making the necessary repairs that the flood waters left behind and ensure that any and all mold is removed.

What will you do when this happens to you?
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-Turn the heat down to 65º. Heat 70º or above can cause bacteria that produce mold/mildew.

-Turn off all electrical appliances around flood.

-Try to elevate furniture to prevent staining.

-Mop or blot away as much of the water as possible.

-Remove everything from the floor you can.

-If water is causing ceiling to sag, shut off electricity. Use ice pick to punch drain holes after placing pans below.

-Call M&M Construction Specialist immediately at 908-378-5951.


-Never try to do-it-yourself. We know the deflooding restoration business. It’s not only water that is dangerous, it’s the residual odor and bacteria aftermath. If not treated, it may cause expensive damage and possible health hazards.

-Never turn heat above 70º, this causes bacteria that produces mold/mildew.

-Never turn on ceiling fixtures if ceiling is wet. Stay away from ceiling that are sagging

-Never use TVs, VCRs, CRT terminals or other electrical equipment while standing on wet floors, especially concrete.

-Never leave books, papers or other colored items on wet carpets or floors.

-Never leave wet fabrics furs cushions or leather goods in dampness. Hang these items to dry and separate each piece. Use room temperature.

-Never rub carpeting to dry it and never use colored towels. Rubbing forces stains into carpeting and improperly dyed fabrics can make things worse.