GreenFiber Insulation – This is the best insulation we’ve seen!

M&M Construction Specialist is always looking for the most innovative and newest ways to save our northern and central New Jersey homeowners money and cut energy costs. We found this great product called GreenFiber. GreenFiber is a state-of-the-art insulation that is 85% recycled and can be applied over any existing insulation – meaning we do not have to remove anything – just add to what you already have! The insulation itself is blown in, meaning no heavy bags of insulation to lug up to your attic. Plus there is no cutting or fitting required. The insulation itself is made up of loose particles of recycled newspapers – the same thing your newsboy drops off every morning. Since it is recycled newspapers, there is no itch like fiberglass insulation.

With no cutting or fitting required, that means it will fill gaps and voids to reduce air infiltration. It saves our customers hundreds of dollars each month in heating and cooling costs. It works great in attics and can even be placed in between existing walls.

GreenFiber is also safe for your home. There are no harmful chemicals added to the insulation. Even when the job is completed, there is no waste left behind as every bit is either used or recycled. Talk about cutting down on waste!

Here are two other added benefits (Really? There’s more?):

  • Sound proofing: The density of GreenFiber Insulation is two to three times greater than that of other inulation products. Unwanted noise is absorbed!
  • Fire protection: A structure insulated with GreenFiber Insulation stood more than 57% longer when tested against a similar structure insulated with fiberglass insulation. This test was conducted at Maryland’s Fire and Rescue Institute.

GreenFiber is naturally smart, naturally safe and naturally green. We’ve installed it in a number of homes already with great success.

Find out more about GreenFiber insulation.

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