Historic Preservation in New Jersey

M&M Construction Specialist offers historic preservation services. With over 25 years of historic preservation experience, we are ready to provide residents of historic structures across New Jersey with sensitive, historically accurate restoration and preservation services. Our skilled artisans and tradespeople can restore or replicate historic fabric – whether it be wood, copper, aluminum, or iron. We take great pride in attention to detail, ensuring that your home or business is restored with authenticity based upon research, original construction methods where appropriate, and using in-kind materials.

Renovation and restoration work requires a delicate balance between preservation of our past and modernization so that the historic spaces can continue to serve a useful function. It takes construction management at its highest level to satisfy both the preservation and functional needs that historic spaces require. M&M Construction Specialist has developed working relationships with the best artisans and craftsmen in the region who, along with M&M Construction Specialist’s own expert carpenters, can accomplish even the most exacting of restoration work.
Historic Spotswood, NJ Rectory, 1876
Rectory, 2012 – in need of historic preservation!

We recently took a look at the 1854 St. Peter’s Episcopal Church and 1872 Rectory building in Spotswood, NJ. It is a great site and is in need of both restoration and repair. The congregation would like to restore the 1872 rectory to is original appearance. It is currently covered with aluminum siding and all of its original gingerbread has been removed. The church building’s exterior was repaired roughly twenty years ago but now shows signs of deterioration. 

Our preliminary work included an analysis of all the areas of the buildings that were noted as being primary concerns by church officials. Our staff historian then researched the site, its buildings, and found relevant maps and photos of the property. We then presented a report to the Church which includes current assessments and recommendations for this wonderful historic structure. 

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