Hoboken, NJ Soundproofing

M&M Construction Specialist, LLC recently constructed a cyclorama wall for a film studio in Hoboken, New Jersey. The film studio also wanted soundproofing installed on a wall and in various areas of the studio. A vestibule was created leading to the studio (first four photos). A wall and false ceiling was framed and then a glass door duplicated. In the studio, 5/8″ sheetrock was installed to both sides of an existing plywood wall. The seams in the plywood were insulated with sprayfoam and then the sheetrock was hung, taped, spackled, primed, and painted. At the sliding garage door, a 22 foot LVL beam was installed and a wall framed so that a vinyl curtain could be hung from the top. Next to the large sliding door, a 36″ door was installed. One of the building beams had a roof drain next to it. In order to reduce sound when water is draining from the roof, a wall was framed around the beam and drain, insulation wrapped around the pipes, and then the new wall around the beam was sheetrocked, taped, spackled, and painted.

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