Holiday Lights Safety Tips

 -Never throw holiday lights or other decorations into trees near power lines.

-Be especially careful when working near power lines attached to your house. Keep ladders, equipment and yourself at least 10 feet from all power lines.

-Before use, check each light string for broken sockets, frayed cords, or faulty plugs. Replace damaged strings. Always unplug light strings while replacing bulbs.

-Outdoors, use only lights, cords, animated displays and decorations rated for outdoor use.

-Do not staple or nail through light strings or electrical cords, or attach cords to utility poles.

-Do not overload outlets. Use surge protector strips if multiple outlets are needed.

-Keep electric cords away from high-traffic areas, and don’t run them through doorways, or hide them under rugs or carpets.

-Don’t let children or pets play with light strings or electrical decorations.


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