Inspecting your Teaneck, NJ Roof

How often do you look at your Teaneck, NJ roof? Inspecting your roof for small, common problems on a regular basis can prevent huge and costly problems in the future. Roof inspections are best when done by a professional due to their knowledge and experience.

Common Problems:
Shingle Damage: Missing shingles are caused by high winds or improper installation. Be sure to look for damaged, blistering, curled or dark shingles as well. Dark shingles are due to the deterioration of the stone granules that protect the asphalt and are a sign that it is time for a new roof.
Leaks: Check your home for leaks after times of heavy wind, rain or ice build-up. Blistering and curled shingles allow water to leak into your home. Watch for mold or mildew on the ceiling since this can cause fungi and bacteria growth within 24-48 hours of a leak.

Interior Inspection: Visit your attic occasionally to check for a sagging roof, water damage, dark stains or light shining through from the outside. Again, be sure to look for mold or mildew stains and fix that problem immediately.

Rotting: Rotting occurs when shingles have absorbed too much moisture leading to rapid deterioration. Due to excessive snow accumulation and melting, rotting is most likely to occur after winter, so you will want to be diligent about checking for roof rot once the snow has completely cleared.

Uneven Roofs: Look for unsound areas in your roof such as areas that are sagging or buckling. Buckling looks like something is lying underneath the shingles and is caused by improper installation and ventilation of a roof. This allows moisture into the house letting energy escape which increases your power bills.

Gutters: Make sure your gutters are not sagging, leaking, have leaf/debris clutter or improper drainage. You should also be on the look out for accumulation of stone granules that have fallen off the shingles, which means it’s most likely time for a re-roof.

If you notice one or more of these common roofing problems, do not ignore it. It is imperative to start a roofing repair immediately as the problem often develops and advance quickly.
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