Leaking Roof Repair in New Jersey

Have you recently found yourself investigating a strange stain on your ceiling or floor? This could be signs that your roof is in trouble. Dark stains on your ceiling are water and possibly mold damage caused by rain seeping through your roof. Roof leaks can be caused by careless installation or missing shingles due to age or severe weather.

If you are in this situation, do not wait until that stain turns into a bulge. The ceiling will become weaker the longer the damage sits until plaster starts falling or even the whole ceiling collapses. Rebuilding an entire ceiling and repairing a roof is more costly than just making repairs to both the ceiling and roof.
Repairing your roof and ceiling are very important not just for aesthetic reasons, but for safety as well. A ceiling that is under a lot of pressure could collapse at any moment. If someone is in that room when the ceiling collapses, it could be potentially fatal. A collapsing ceiling also adds unnatural strain to the structure of the home.
If you are having difficulties with your roof or experiencing dark stains on your ceilings, please call M&M Construction Specialist today at 908.378.5951
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