Moss on your Roselle, NJ Home

We rarely look up at our Roselle, NJ roofs and take notice of the moss that is growing there. After all, it blends in with the greenery that surrounds us. And if we do take note, many of us see a natural and eye-pleasing reflection of how quaint, charming and rustic it can make our homes appear. But there are some of us who see the moss as unsightly, but choose to ignore it or put it on the back burner of our “Things to Do” list while moving it further and further down in our financial priorities, rationalizing that we’ll “get around to it sometime.” But make no mistake: That moss on your roof is one of those things that DOES need our attention.. And badly. The damage it can cause to your Roselle, NJ roof has significant ramifications if ignored and really must be addressed.

Moss on your roof re-routes water, forcing it to flow in directions where it shouldn’t be running. It seeps down into the nails that hold the shingles in place and subjects them to rusting, which weakens the roof over time.

Moss gets wet from our seasonal rains and stays wet longer, even when the weather dries up. This causes the shingles, especially the cedar shake type, to remain wet. Prolonged dampness leads to rotting. If not attended to, you will most likely be looking at having to replace the entire roof, which we all know is a costly venture. Moss traps other environmental debris, such as pine needles and leaves. Heavy chunks come off involuntarily, and even at a greater pace during high winds, which land in your gutters. This plugs your drain and causes water to overflow down onto your siding, resulting in wood damage along the fascia and rafter tails. Over time, the wood gets so soft to the point where it won’t even have the stability to hold a nail.

A lack of attention to the moss on your roof means that you are also ignoring issues with the chimney and the moss that is growing there. You may not see it from the ground, but you can safely assume that if moss is on your roof, it’s down in your chimney as well. This will keep the bricks wet longer, which will cause the grout to soften and eventually deteriorate. Moss can grow under the shingles and, most likely, lift them. This leaves them extremely prone to wind damage. If your roof has suffered from moss damage, find an experienced Roselle, NJ roofing contractor.

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