New Jersey Roofing – Don’t Delay Fixing!

Many homeowners believe they can delay a roofing project. It can be a big expense, but the expense of a new roof outweighs the additional costs of damage to the interior of your home. Here are two BIG reasons why homeowners in New Jersey should never wait to replace a roof that looks like it needs to be replaced soon.

Reason #1: Roof Leaks

Obviously, the number one roofing danger of waiting too long is the costly and headache caused by roof leaks!  Our team of experts have seen this a lot across northern and central New Jersey. If a professional contractor advises you to replace your roof, and you choose not to, you’re living life on the edge…which often leads to a wet ending.

If you’re not sure how long you should wait, contact one of our experts for a free in-home estimate and analysis of your roof. Repairing roof leaks is expensive. You will likely have to repair damaged plywood, insulation, drywall, paint, electrical equipment, hard wood floors, carpet and more. By being proactive, you can prevent these leaks before they start.

Reason #2: Structural Damage to your home

Yes, we did just talk about roof leaks, but you may not have known this next part – A roof can leak for years without any trace of water in your house. Did you know that? For example: a leak near the edge of your roof can go un-noticed, that is until you see mold spores poking through your living room wall. And by that time you are likely to find mold growing faster than dandelions. Also, tiny leaks in your attic can be absorbed into your homes wooden structure before it ever reaches the interior. Leaks like these can sneak around unnoticed, causing major damage. Putting a new roof on your home is an investment, so why pay more when do you don’t have to for the repairs associated with waiting too long? Be proactive about your roof. Don’t wait until a problem pops up.

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