NJ Fire Restoration Contractor – Fire & Smoke Damage

The following information is provided to help owners evaluate the damage to their home or business caused by smoke and fire. This type of damage, through clean-up, deodorization and with knowledge, can be minimized. Here we will try to help you understand fire and smoke damage, and the residue and unseen odors that accompany them.


Our staff is always conscious of time in a fire loss, they understand that just because the fire is out does not mean the damage has stopped. They know that the longer corrosion control and emergency cleaning is delayed, the greater the costs increase on the loss. Fires burn structures from the inside out, and can easily grow out of control. However, even if the fire was contained to one room, you are bound to have more damage than you may think due to the fact that smoke travels quicker than the fire. Smoke can be absorebed by the walls, carpets, and clothing. If the entire structure is not properly cleaned, the smokey smell will linger in your structure for years.

Our professionals have the experience and training to work with home and business owners and act on your behalf with the insurance companies. We then coordinate the efforts that will return the structure and contents back to pre-loss condition, or better, by choosing the best avenue in restoration techniques.Fires are unpredictable and can burn through your house destroying everything in a short amount of time. Fire damage is taken care of similarly to the way we clean up floods with a little more work. We have a technician walk through the structure with you and explain how much damage is actually there, answering any questions or concern you may have so you are not left with any confusion. We remove all damaged debris and extract all standing water to help the cleanup process move along. Based on the initial readings, we place dehumidifiers, air movers, and air scrubbers throughout the structure to eliminate moisture, smoke, soot, and odors.