New Jersey Siding Options

There are many options for vinyl siding. We provide our New Jersey homeowners with many viable options to make their homes unique and appeal to their own personal preference and tastes. Here are a number of siding options that M&M Construction Specialist can install on your home.
Vinyl siding is an extremely popular option. Vinyl siding is durable and inexpensive. It generally lasts around 15 to 20 years. There are many different color options to suit your home. 
Wood siding can give a beautiful finish to any home. It can be painted or stained, and with the right maintenance, can last for many years. Wood siding is available either as cedar shingles/shakes, or in horizontal or vertical planks.
Fiber Cement 
Fiber cement has the appearance of wood siding, but is much more durable, especially against the weather. When installed properly, it will not mildew or crack. Fiber cement is an excellent and lower-maintenance alternative to wood siding.
Metal Siding 
Metal siding includes aluminum and steel. Metal siding is generally inexpensive when compared to many other sidings. It can be recycled which adds to the “green” factor, however, this type of siding is not the best for insulating the home. Metal siding is termite resistant and fire resistant.
Brick and Stone 
Brick and stone are extremely durable and known to last the lifetime of the structure. They are also fire and bug resistant. Since these lovely natural materials can be on the higher end of the price range, brick and stone veneers are becoming more popular.
Stucco finishes give a home a unique “southwestern” appearance. Stucco is composed of cement, sand, lime, and water. Stucco makes a fairly good insulator on a home. When maintained properly, stucco can last for many years. It tends to be in the medium price range compared to other siding options. Stucco can be painted or tinted to provide the perfect color for your home.
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