Protect your Home from the Hurricane!

Hurricane Irene will be passing over New Jersey and the rest of the East Coast this Sunday. You may have your emergency bags packed, but there are steps you can take to protect your home as well. 

Hurricane to hit East Coast
In 80 mph wind, objects in the yard can be whipped up and slammed against your home. This may cause minor damage to your siding or it could cause major damage – breaking a window or patio door
A few steps that you can take:
  • Lock down or put away patio furniture such as tables, chairs or umbrellas.
  • If you keep plants in vases outside your home bring them inside or put them in your basement.
  • Don’t leave ladders on the side of your home. They can cause damage to your siding and roof
  • If you have a chance to clean out your gutters before the storm hits, do so. 
The more you protect your home, the less likely any personal injury will occur as well. 
Soft soil means trees are more likely to topple over.
Of course, with natural disasters like hurricanes, some damage is inevitable no matter how much you prepare.
In the event that your home is damaged, contact M&M Construction Specialist as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the more damage can occur. M&M can repair or replace your roofing, windows and siding. We are also highly experienced with water damage repair in the event your home floods.
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