Referral Program

Customer Referral Program – Spread the Word, Earn Green!

M&M Construction Specialist values you as our customer and know that word of mouth is the best form of advertising. We want to reward you for recommending M&M Construction Specialist to your friends, neighbors and family. If you are a fully satisfied customer of M&M Construction Specialist and refer a friend, neighbor or family member who also becomes a M&M Construction Specialist customer, we will reward you with a pre-paid gift card. The more customers you refer, the more you can earn! It’s that easy!

It’s easy to help spread our good name! Just complete the referral form and send it to us.

To qualify, we must receive this form prior to contact with the new customer.

Reward Levels

Refer 1 customer: Receive $50 pre-paid gift card
per referral

Refer 2 customers: Receive $100 pre-paid gift card
per referral

Refer 3 or more: Receive $150 pre-paid gift card
per referral

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