Roof Replacement or Roof Repair?

Your roof might have been constructed correctly and installed perfectly, but it will not last as long as the rest of your home. The average roof on American homes last anywhere from 20 to 30 years with proper maintenance, but if your plan on staying in your home longer than that you are going to need professional roof replacement and repair services.

Several different external factors can harm the lifespan of your roof. When it comes to your roof you have to inspect it for:

-Puncture wounds
-Water damage
-And more

When any of these problems occur, you are going to have to decide if you need a roofing repair or a roofing replacement.

Consider these factors when deciding between roofing replacements and roofing repairs.

The first thing that you should consider when deciding to repair or replace your roof is the cost. Repairing some parts of your roof can get expensive, and sometimes replacing the entire roof can be more affordable and practical.

While it might cost more upfront to replace your roof, the benefits will exceed the costs. You will also be avoiding future, more costly repairs on your old roofing system.

Roof Replacement Tip: When deciding between costs of a roofing repair services and a roofing replacements services, there is one tip to remember. If the repair of your roofing system is going to cost more than half the price of a brand new roof, and your roof is over a certain age already, it is best to replace.

The next thing you want to consider when you are deciding whether or not to replace your roof is the age. There are a variety of different styles of roofs out there, and all of them have different life-efficiency rates, depending on what type of material they are made out of. The average American roof can last a family between 20 to 30 years. Here is a chart with the most common lifespan of different roofing types.

It is important that you know everything about your roofing system, including how long the average lifespan is. Before you go replacing your roof, consult a professional contractor and have them conduct a full inspection of your roofing system

Common Problems
Finally, when you are trying to determine whether or not to replace your roof, there are a few common problems that you can look for. If any of the blow problems are a common occurrence, it is time for a roof replacement service.

Leaks – A leaky roof is dangerous to the inside of your home. It can allow moisture to be trapped in your ceiling and create the perfect setting for mold growth. While some leaks are easily patched, others take more time and money.

Puncture Wounds – There are several different objects that can puncture the construction of your roof including falling debris and hail. When your roof is punctured beyond repair, it will be more practical and affordable to replace the entire roofing system.

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