Saving Money: Projects to Invest in – Insulation

Insulation is an often over-looked area in your home that can add to your energy savings. Homes built over ten years ago were not insulated to the levels they are today. How will adding insulation to your home save money? Insulation keeps the heat (or air-conditioning) in your home for much longer by preventing it to leak out through walls, ceilings or cracks. Having too little insulation in your home is equivalent to running the air conditioner in your car with the windows open!
Interested in insulation now? Great! However, that does not mean you need to start fresh and rip out your old insulation. If your main interest is turning your home green, this is especially important. Insulation does not pull out neatly in one sheet. It can be a messy process and will only add to a landfill somewhere – not very environmentally friendly. Of course there are circumstances when removing your insulation is the correct option. Fire damaged, water damaged or rodent/insect infested insulation should be removed for health reasons.
If your main concern is the environment there is a new type of insulation called GreenFiber. GreenFiber insulation is made up of 85% recycled paper fibers. It is also less of a hassle to install compared to other brands of insulation. 

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