Signs that your Roof May be Leaking

 A Roof is the most essential requirement of any home, simply because it shields you, your belongings and your complete home structure from unwanted damage caused by the torrential rainstorms, windstorms and snow. It is more like a protective cover that stays all the time over your head, giving you the most safe, comfortable living environment. However, the protection, safety and life’s comforts can take up an awful turn for the worse if you overlook the significance of maintaining your roof properly.

A leaky or saturated roof will give you a miserable life full of tension and problems. The problem becomes all the more convoluted in regions like New Jersey, where harsh climate changes and extreme conditions can be quite perilous for any type of roofing. Hence, reading the signs of your leaky roof as soon as possible is imperative for you to save your home’s roof.

Left untreated, a roof leak can actually cause damage to your home structure, as well as to your personal belongings. Therefore, a roof leak should always be taken seriously and repaired at the earliest possible moment it is discovered. However, you must understand the fact that roof leaking is a long procedure and may take years to become visible. The visual evidence of leaking is only in its advanced stage. For this reason, it is strongly recommended to run periodic inspections of your roof, as you might not even know that your roof is leaking causing you expensive damages.

The first step in inspecting your roof yourself starts by detecting spots, standing water, or mold. For instance, if your bathroom floor has a puddle, look upwards to uncover the source. Search for water spots and soft spots upwards, where the ceiling might sag. This is one of the most common signs of leakage. Any dampness on a ceiling or wall is also a symptom of a roof leak. What you have to focus on is the actual point of leakage as water may run down and across an entire ceiling before dripping. It can also follow a chimney, or exhaust vent to your ceiling.

Next, if you encounter missing or broken shingles then get ready for a repair because empty spots could allow moisture to collect and puddle, ultimately sopping through and becoming a leak. At such a situation, do not linger on with the process of contacting your New Jersey roofing contractor, as he can offer you good maintenance solutions and services. It is always the best to have your New Jersey roofing company come and check out potential leaks, as they can only get worse with time. We are well aware of the intensity of winter in New Jersey. They are not only chilly but moist too, leaving a huge need for extensive roof repair. Therefore, maintaining a strict check on your roof is mandatory in preventing leaks.

Another place where, a roof leak can easily develop is the area around loose or exposed nails as they offer enough open space for moisture or water to seep in. Any deformation noticeable in the shingles, such as a buckled vertical line and sagging centers can also be an indication of serious roof problems. Buckling occurs due to several reasons such as utilization of boards that are too thin while a roof is constructed. In addition to this, pay special attention to areas where one surface meets another, for example chimneys, vents, or wall joints. In case, you observe any sort of cracks or dried out caulking or rusty metal, then understand that it is a problem emanating because of flashing. Again, this is a potential leak that may damage your roof severely if not treated promptly.

Some of the most common areas for a roof to leak include:

• Fields of shingles
• Furnaces or B-vent flashings
• Chimneys
• Valleys or low spots in the roof
• Plumbing vent flashings
• Wall step flashings
• Skylights
• Ice dams

A roof can last for good 20 years and beyond, provided you acknowledge the correct manner of maintaining your roof. Climate conditions such as, shade, the direction your roof faces, and the type of ventilation collectively decide your roof’s life. Hence, regular roof inspections are required and could prevent a call to a roofing company for roof repairs. A leaky roof in is quite a common problem for many homeowners, who fail to discover the leaks in their early stages and then later, are left with no other option but an expensive roof replacement. All leaks make not become visible from the interior of the home.

Examining your home’s exterior can be beneficial too, while detecting for roof leaks. Precise knowledge about roof maintenance and latest technical advancements made roofing in an easy job for a professional roofing contractor.

Nothing can make the foundation of a house deteriorate as fast as a leaky roof. The wooden supports begin to rot and could even lead to total collapse. To prevent this dreadful damage, make sure roof repair and maintenance is one of your top priorities.

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