Signs your NJ Roof Needs Replacing

Do you need a roof replacement? Here are some signs to look out for:
  • Shingles are missing or flapping loose—Roofing replacement or roof repair services are necessary if you notice missing or loose shingles. Check after each significant storm and especially after winter subsides.
  • Granule erosion—Every spring when you clean out your gutters, make note of whether there seems to be a lot of granules from your shingles in the debris. The granules will match the color of your roofing material and seeing a lot of them in your gutters or downspouts is a sign that your roof needs a roofing replacement project.
  • Water stains on the decking—Periodically go into your attic and see if you can access the underside of the roof decking. Any water stains here, or anywhere in the attic are a sign of water getting underneath the shingles somewhere. 
  • Buckling and shingle pops—Hail, summer heat, inadequate attic ventilation or uneven insulation can cause shingles to buckle or pop out above the other shingles, causing spaces where water can get underneath and cause damage.
  • Damaged, loose or cracked gaskets or flashing—The caulking, flashing and gaskets applied around chimneys or vent stacks are always a vulnerable spot on the roof. These areas need to be checked regularly to ensure they are still water-tight because these are primary leak locations. If you notice any damage, cracking or leaking, call our roof repair services team.
  • Home age—If your home is reaching age 20 or more, it is important to have your roof checked, even if you do not see any of these signs of damage. 25 years is about the top lifespan of most roofs.
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