Springtime Home Maintenance Tips

It might not feel like it, but Spring is here! Here are some handy maintenance tips to keep your home in tip-top shape. Don’t forget to call your trusted New Jersey home improvement contractor, M&M Construction Specialist for any of your exterior or interior home needs.

1. Test your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to make sure they are in working order and install new batteries.

Certainteed's Ironmax Siding

Certainteed’s Ironmax Siding

2. Check and clean your gutters. Clogged or broken gutters will allow water to drain too close to your home, eventually causing foundation issues.

3. Examine your roof from the ground to see if there are any noticeable areas of damage. We recommend you contact M&M Construction Specialist for a thorough roof inspection.

4. Inspect your attic for any evidence of water damage. This will indicate a leaking and problematic roof.

5. Remove the winter storm windows and install screens. Check that the screens are not torn or damaged.

6. Schedule an inspection and cleaning for your air conditioning unit. You will want to make sure it is working before you desperately need it!

7. Check railings and steps to make sure the winter weather hasn’t loosened or weakened them creating a hazardous situation.

8. Inspect your foundation for issues such as cracking.

9. Take a look at your windows and make sure they are airtight and properly caulked.

10. Test out your outdoor hoses to ensure no pipes burst or were damaged over the winter without you realizing.

11. Check your siding for cracks or damage. Get it repaired before damage spreads.

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