The Importance of Gutters

Gutters are vital to any house. They divert water away from entrance-ways and windows, and most importantly away from your foundation. Gutters that are clogged, falling off, or have damage such as holes, need to be worked on. Repairing gutters is much less expensive than having to repair a home’s foundation. 
If you notice your gutters are beginning to fall off or look misshapen, don’t ignore it! At the start of each season be sure to call your local NJ Contractor to clean out the leaves from your gutters. This small task will prevent water from overflowing or sitting on your roof. Not only can excess water around your home lead to foundation damage, but it can also become a home for mosquitoes in warmer weather. Similarly, water that congregates in the winter time can freeze on your driveway or patio and cause cracks.
Don’t wait until the damage happens to call someone. Take precautions by remembering to have your gutters cleaned each season or by even having a gutter guard system installed. If your gutters have been damaged or clogged for awhile, call your local NJ contractor and have them check the foundation of your home to stop any further damage from occurring. 
Having your gutters cleaned or repaired is not as much fun or glamorous as having granite counters installed for the first time. While performing standard maintenance on your gutters may not be high on your list – remember, you are protecting your home by making sure they are in working order. Gutters are the parts of your home that protect the foundation from becoming weak. Don’t jeopardize your whole home by neglecting to care for your gutters! 

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