Understanding Roofing Terms

By learning a few key terms Hillside, NJ contractors can save you time, hassle and money. By knowing the correct terminology, you can communicate more clearly with your Hillside, NJ roofing contractor, and describe things precisely.

Roofing Materials
1. roofing materials– used to construct roofs. Most roofs in New Jersey are constructed using asphalt shingles. Other materials include metals, tile, wood, slate, rubber and plastic.
2. organic asphalt shingles– shingles made with natural mats of wood, cellulose fiber or recyclable corrugated cardboard, making them more environmentally friendly.
3. fiberglass shingles– shingles constructed out of fiberglass mat, making them very durable.

Roofing Terms
1. roofing nails– nails used to secure all roofing except metal and rubber
2. roofing screws– screws used to adhere metal roofing
3. roof edging– a strip of either aluminum or steel that is run along the perimeter of  a roof to create a finished appearance and to support shingles that extend over the roof’s edges.
4. roll roofing– rolls of felt soaked in tar which are rolled out on a roof before shingle installation for extra leak protection.

Describing the Roof
1. crown– highest point of a peaked roof.
2. edge– the edge along the sides of gables or along the gutters
3. overlap– area of one shingle placed over the edge of another
4. roof glue– tarry adhesive used to seal one layer of shingles to an underlying layer when working in areas or along edges where the use of nails isn’t conducive.

There are certainly more roofing terms that you can learn, but by using these basic terms, you are on your way to a more efficient Hillside, NJ roof replacement.

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