When do you Need New Siding?

need new siding When Do You Need New Siding?
Waiting till your New Jersey siding is falling off or causing water to leak into your home is not usually the best time to replace it. This can put you in a situation of needing the work done right away, and sometimes it’s difficult to have quality work done on such short notice. So how do you get a jump on replacing your siding while there’s still time for you to have it done right? First, take some time to inspect the exterior of your home, and here are some things to look for to help you determine if it’s time.
Signs That You Need New Siding:
For wood siding, it may be time to replace it if you see the following:
• Peeling or curling paint
• Cracking or splitting boards
• Extensive hail damage
• Wood knots popping out (specific to cedar siding)
• Woodpeckers continually hacking at the boards
New Jersey Wood siding can last from 20 -100 years, and the wide range comes from a deep list of variables. The species of wood (red wood and cedar last longer than pine), the age of the wood (old-growth vs. new growth), and the weather conditions around your home all contribute to the soundness of the boards.
For hardboard siding, it may be time to replace if you see the following:
• Boards swollen from water
• Finish peels or flakes off
• Doesn’t hold a new coat of finish
• Surface has delaminated

layers of siding When Do You Need New Siding?

New Jersey Hardboard siding is a relatively new siding material, man-made from wood fibers, wax and resin, and usually lasts as long as indicated by the factory-finish warranty. But if that finish is compromised (from scratches, scrapes or punctures), the soft material underneath immediately soaks up water and the board will fail. Hardboard is a high-maintenance siding requiring diligent cleaning and caulking.
For New Jersey vinyl siding, it may be time to replace it if you see the following:
• Chalky film on your finger after sweeping it across the vinyl
• White streaks on brick or foundation below vinyl siding
• Faded color
• Cracked or brittle sections
• Becomes more difficult to wash off mold, moss and dirt
Depending on the original quality of the vinyl siding, it can last from 15-20 years. Pollution and UV exposure also breaks down the petroleum in vinyl, so vinyl siding on a rural home tends to last a bit longer than on homes in urban and suburban areas.
When in doubt about the condition of your siding, err on the side of caution and have it inspected. M&M Construction Specialist is deeply experienced and trained in analyzing siding conditions, and will recommend which is preferable – repair or replacement. And M&M Construction Specialist is trained and certified in siding installation so you will have peace of mind that it’s done right the first time.
To get a free, no-obligation quote from an M&M Construction Specialist professional, simply fill out this request form or give us a call at 908-378-5951. Once we receive your request, we will contact you to set up an appointment for your inspection.


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