Why is it raining inside? Signs you may need a new roof…

Replacing a roof can be a daunting experience on both the homeowner and their wallet. Many of our New Jersey customers often ask us what the tell-tale signs are that their roof needs to be replaced.

Just so everyone has a clear understanding, today we are going to list all of the problems which indicate that it may be time to look at getting a new roof installed.

1. Ceiling spots caused by a leak. Do you have unsightly water marks in your ceilings? That is a sign that moisture is somehow getting inside your home.

2. Missing shingles. Exposure to high winds and even improper fastening can cause this. Also, as a roof ages, the shingles become more brittle, possibly causing shingles to crack off during high winds.

3. Curling. Caused by water absorption.

4. Algae growth. Caused by growth of airborne algae.

5. Blistering. Caused by moisture in the shingle. Occurs when ventilation is inadequate.

6. Missing granules. Normally a number of granules will be loose after installation. On aging shingles, this indicates the need for replacement.

7. Buckling. Caused by improperly felt or movement of the deck.

8. Rotting. Caused by absorption of moisture by the mat.

So if you think you are experiencing any of these problems, it may be time to give M&M Construction Specialist a call for a free evaluation of your roof. For more on roofing products that M&M offers, visit http://mmbuilds.com/roofing.html.
We offer Timberline/GAF roofing products that now come with a Lifetime Guarantee! These shingles are durable, beautiful, and your roof will be the talk of the neighborhood once it is installed.
To learn more about what else M&M Construction Specialist can do for you, visit www.mmbuilds.com.

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