Wood or Vinyl Siding in New Jersey?

Are you wondering if wood siding or vinyl siding would best fit your lifestyle? Read this article to learn which siding leads when it comes to cost, appearance and maintenance.


In this category, wood siding does not compete with vinyl siding. Vinyl siding is one of the least expensive types of siding while wood is one of the most expensive types of siding. Cedar siding can cost as much as $8/square foot, which is nearly double the starting price of vinyl siding per square foot. Many homeowners are willing to make this costly investment because wood siding can help improve the selling ability of their home.


When it comes to appearance, wood siding wins this category hands down. Whether it is cedar shingles or wood clapboard, wood siding is favored over vinyl siding. Vinyl siding can give a home an uninviting appearance because it looks too perfect. Wood siding gives that natural look and it has a natural glow from the wood finish. The color of the wood siding is not limited to the color of the wood that it is made of. Instead, homeowners can choose from different finishes. Manufacturers of vinyl siding try to make their siding more aesthetically pleasing to homeowners by offering a wide range of colors and different textures.


In this case, vinyl has the advantage. Vinyl requires minimal care since it does not succumb to rotting, termites, or chipping. With wood siding, homeowners may have to repair or replace panels or shingles more frequently due to those causes. The paint on wood siding also tends to fade quicker, so homeowners will also have to do repainting. Vinyl that is painted does not fade as soon as wood. However, if homeowners regularly care for their wood siding it will last for years.

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