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CertainTeed shingles are one of the oldest brands in the shingles roofing industry, dating back to the early 19th century. With time and experiences comes very high quality premier shingles. Nevertheless, CertainTeed has built up their name as a reputable building products manufacturer. In addition to the durable CertainTeed shingles, CertainTeed manufactures siding, trim, fence, decking, foundations, windows, insulation and ceilings. Not only can you build a roof with CertainTeed shingles, but you can also almost build an entire house with CertainTeed building materials. M&M Construction Specialist installs CertainTeed roofing shingles on homes throughout New Jersey.

There are three different types of CertainTeed shingles: residential, low slope and solar. The residential CertainTeed shingles are by far the most popular shingle type and come in an almost endless variations of models. There are luxury shingles, premium designer shingles as well as your traditional CertainTeed shingles.

Within those categories, there are almost different products such as the Symphony, the GrandManor, the Centennial Slate, the Carriage House, the Presidential Shake TL, the Landmark TL Impact Resistant, the Landmark TL, and the Presidential Shake Impact Resistant shingle. These are all forms of luxury shingles


The premium designer CertainTeed shingles come in models such as the Highland Slate, the Landmark Premium, the Landmark Solaris, the Independence, the Landmark special and the Hatteras. The traditional CertainTeed shingles are available as the XT 30 and the XT 25. Furthermore, CertainTeed shingles offer additional roofing products such as WinterGuard, MetaLayment, DiamonDeck and Roofer’s select. These are all different forms of underlayment, which will compliment your shingles well.

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CertainTeed Carriage House
CertainTeed Grand Manor
CertainTeed Hatteras
CertainTeed Highland Slate
CertainTeed Landmark
CertainTeed Landmark Premium
CertainTeed Landmark Pro
CertainTeed Tradtional