Siding and Vinyl Siding

M&M Construction uses Alside Siding on their New Jersey projects.  Alside Siding embodies the characteristics that have made vinyl the most popular siding choice today – durability, maintenance freedom, and long-term beauty. Want to see what your home may look like with new siding? Click here.

Vinyl Siding is a great option for your New Jersey home. Ever since the 1950s, its popularity has grown exponentially, and for good reason! Vinyl siding is not only low maintenance, but also extremely easy to customize. The color options are endless, as are the varying styles and textures. Vinyl siding can mimic the look of wood, stone, and even slate. Homeowners are able to match their vinyl siding to the style of their home. Whether the home is a new construction or a historic home with charming features, there is a vinyl siding style that will fit it perfectly.

Vinyl siding can withstand high winds, varying temperatures, and moisture. This type of siding is also insect and mold resistant. Vinyl is an energy-efficient option, especially if it is insulated. Insulated siding has a higher r-value than other siding options. Vinyl siding does not require painting, and only needs a simple wash in order to restore it to its original sheen.

Vinyl siding is the home improvement option that provides the best resale value. People in the market for a new home rate vinyl siding as an important decision maker. Vinyl is also recyclable, making it a clean and green option for those conscious about their environmental footprint.

The versatility, ease of maintenance, and low-costs make vinyl siding the optimal choice. If you haven’t already called M&M Construction Specialist, be sure to do so! Our phone number is 908.378.5951. We would be happy to provide you with a free estimate for your next siding project.

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Wood shingles have a naturally textured surface and edge that is reminiscent of colonial New England. You can even see the random marks of a mill saw. Shingles are available in a 7″ Exposure and 5″ Double Course.


Cedar Shakes

Split along the grain, cedar shakes are deeply textured in a way that sets off an interplay of light and shadow. Foundry Shakes capture these features beautifully.



The Weathered Collection gives your home the authentic appearance of cedar siding that has weathered over time. Panels feature a darker hue of a color in the grain, and a lighter one on the higher points, just as a panel would naturally weather. The proprietary finish offers unmatched color depth and character. The Weathered Collection is available in 7″ Shake, 7″ and 10″ Staggered, and 7″ Shingle.