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M&M Construction Specialist uses top-quality products such as Alside siding and CertainTeed siding on their New Jersey projects. Our most popular siding type is vinyl. However, we can install much more than just that! Whether you desire the durability and low-maintenance of vinyl siding, or want the unique look of fiber cement siding, M&M Construction Specialist can install it for any homeowner. Read on to learn more about the benefits of various types of siding. When you are ready for your free estimate, call M&M Construction Specialist at 908-378-5951.

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Why Replace, Upgrade, or Install Vinyl Siding?

Energy Efficient Vinyl Siding
Energy Efficient Vinyl Siding

-Change the appearance.

-New siding spruces up a home and adds curb appeal.

-Increase future resale value.

-New siding offers a benefit to home buyers because it extends the life of an exterior.

-Lower utility bills.

-Adding insulation under siding provides a moisture barrier and prevents outside temperatures from disturbing the balance of interior climates.

-Decrease maintenance costs. Vinyl siding cost is well worth the installation.

-For example, the life expectancy of a new paint job is at least five years. New siding requires little, if any, maintenance.

There are plenty of siding options for your home.

CertainTeed Vinyl Cedar Impressions
CertainTeed Vinyl Siding

-Vinyl siding is an extremely popular option due to its ease of maintenance and superior energy-efficiency. Vinyl siding with added insulation has a higher R-value than other siding options. This type of siding does not require painting upkeep and is extremely low maintenance. Vinyl siding was only introduced in the 1950s, but has been growing in popularity ever since. Besides having a large range of color options, vinyl siding has numerous textures to choose from as well. It is extremely versatile and can be made to match modern, newly constructed homes, or charming historic homes. It’s clear why vinyl siding is the most popular option across America currently!

-Aluminum siding is another option to look at. Aluminum siding is durable and cost effective. It can also be painted, which is a nice feature if you desire to change your house color often. Aluminum siding is simple to install, and therefore has lower labor expenses involved. The only possible drawback to aluminum siding is the ability for it to dent, however, dents can be pulled out easily enough. Additionally, whole pieces of metal can be removed in the case of major damage.

-Fiber cement siding is fairly popular as well. It is resistant to insects, mold, fire, and the elements. The hardiness of this type of siding makes it a great option. It can come with either a wood-finish grain or a smooth finish. Fiber cement is a great alternative to vinyl siding. It can imitate the appearance of wood siding, clapboard, or shingles. Wood siding is susceptible to fire, making this imitation wood siding an excellent option if you are concerned about your safety. Also, if your home is near the sea, fiber cement siding holds up very well in salty air. Unlike vinyl siding, fiber cement does need to be periodically repainted.

-Certainteed siding is a popular brand that M&M Construction Specialist uses. It is a quality product with countless options for your home. Our project managers will be happy to show you a variety of products and brands for you to choose from. Certainteed siding offers many different color and texture choices. You will surely be able to find one that fits your home perfectly.

-Hardie board siding is a siding option that has been around for awhile. It is rot and insect resistant, which are two very important qualities. Hardie board siding is composed of approximately 90% sand and cement which makes it extremely fire resistant and has the same fire rating as brick. This siding is painted after it is installed, so unlike vinyl siding, there is no problem changing the color in the future.

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Numerous Styles and Colors

Whether you want aluminum siding, cedar siding, fiber cement siding, hardie board siding, or vinyl siding, M&M Construction Specialist can do a siding install. We can also uninstall old vinyl siding, paint siding, and do siding repair. Your house siding is an important feature on your home. It is vital to keep windows siding and siding roofing in the best possible shape. Vinyl siding accessories are another thing to consider. M&M Construction Specialist will make sure you have all the right accessories for your siding home. Siding metal can easily be installed or replaced by our company, as can hardie siding.

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We are New Jersey’s number one siding contractor. You can trust us to work within your budget to provide you with a high quality product. There is no reason to be afraid of the cost of vinyl siding. There are plenty of options in every price range. You will be able to choose your preferable siding color and style. Whether you need a full siding replacement or just a simple siding repair, M&M Construction Specialist can take care of it.