NJ Fire Restoration Contractor – Lightning & Storm Damage Restoration

Once the storm season hits, the possibility of water damage increases. There are various changes in lifestyles that need to be adopted in order to be more fully prepared to the possibility of sustaining damage in the home because of additional and unwanted water. While there is nothing that the property owner can do to completely avoid bad weather, there are some things that can be done in order to minimize its effects.


If a big storm is the approaching, the water damage in the home can be minimized by boarding up the property. In this situation, the windows and doors can be sealed using a variety of materials that range from wood to aluminum in order to prevent them from breaking. Ensuring that the property is protected in this way can lessen the chance of water entering the home and causing damage. Another option for property owners is to shrink-wrap the property. As the name suggests, this method involves wrapping the entire home in a thick plastic sheet and using heat to mold it around its features. This is the best way to protect the property from water damage because it seals it in and keeps the water out.

When there is a danger of a storm, it is an option for the family to evacuate the premises to avoid contact with the water. This is the safest way because then, there is no need to deal with problems such as accidental electrocution or injury from falling debris. Even if the occupants of the property opt to stay behind, the property should be completely dry before permanent residence is taken up again.

If your home suffers damage from a fallen tree or limb, immediately evacuate the home and seek shelter away from trees. Once the storm is over, assess the situation and close off portions of the home not effected by the damage. Call M&M Construction immediately in order to get the damage tarped over and secured to prevent further water infiltration. Contact us today so we can assist you in repairing you home.