Tamko Roofing Shingles

Tamko Roofing Shingles New Jersey Roofing Contractor

TAMKO® offers a variety of shingle styles to distinguish your home and express your individuality. M&M Construction Specialist installs Tamko roofing shingles on homes throughout New Jersey. Tamko shingles are know for their professional roofing products. Tamko shingles are made for residential roofing and commercial roofing but Tamko also produces products for decks and railings, waterproofing and cement and coatings.

Tamko shingles began in 1944 making asphalt shingles. Since then, they have constantly innovated their shingle products. Tamko has been growing very fast to become one of the biggest shingle producers in North American, with plants all over the United States. There are a number of different Tamko shingles available for residential homes.

Tamko is most famous for the Heritage Tamko shingles. These Tanko shingles have a traditional look but have very high performance. The Heritage line comes in three different Tamko shingles models. The standard Heritage shingle is the most affordable option and come in an extensive range of colors. They are built with strength in mind and are durable. These laminated shingles are extremely beautiful and weather-resistant. Therefore you know you will not need to replace these for a number of years. They also come standard with a double-layer fiberglass mat and are coated on each side for added protection. These Tamko shingles come in the widest range of colors to suit any kind of house build. For more information on these shingles or any other Tamko shingles, please call us at 908-378-5951 or request a free estimate.

Tamko Elite 3-Tab Shingles

*Economical shingles that provide years of reliable roofing protection, including fire and wind resistance
*Made with TAMKO®’s own tough fiberglass mat for strength and tear resistance
*Variety of colors to complement any combination of building materials: wood, stone, brick or stucco
*Backed by a 25-year product Limited Warranty and a 10-year Algae Relief-Algae Cleaning Limited Warranty*
*Made with TAMKO® 3-Tab Quality Construction


Heritage® Vintage® Laminated Asphalt Shingles by TAMKO® have always provided years of striking beauty and durable roofing protection. Now TAMKO® has enhanced the Limited Warranty coverage on all Heritage® products with longer up-front protection, reinforcing the outstanding value they provide.

*Made with a double-layer fiberglass mat for strength
*Coated on both sides with weathering-grade asphalt and topped with ceramic mineral granules for excellent roofing protection
*Features self-sealing asphalt strip for added wind resistance
*The Vintage® Shingle cut enhances the natural shadow to simulate the dimensional look of wood shakes
*Improves the look and curb appeal of your home without the high costs or liabilities associated with wood
*10-year Algae Relief-Algae Cleaning Limited Warranty* provides for cleaning of discoloration caused by certain algae growth that may occur in areas with high humidity