Choosing the Best Roof Color for your Home

When asking any New Jersey roof expert about their roof, people tend to leave out questions regarding the best color for their roof. Because this is looked at as a far more aesthetic question than a functional or utilitarian question, it is no wonder that it is typically paid far less attention by a given roof expert than questions regarding material types and structural designs. However, there are ways in which the color of your roof actually can impact the functionality of your roof. Also, the aesthetic aspect of your roof should not be ignored, for many reasons, and that is why it is important to choose the best color for your home’s roof. In this post we’ll have a look at some of the different aspects that a roof expert would consider when choosing the right color for a roof.

Style of the HomeRoof Expert1 300x225 Roof Expert: Choose Your Roof Color Carefully

This aspect of the roof color decision certainly fits under the aesthetic category, but it’s importance extends far beyond simply how your home looks. The way that your roof compliments your home can affect everything from market value of your home, to the resale value of the homes in your neighborhood, to the ability for you to sell your home quickly and at its actual value. For instance, a mild grey roof works well with a red brick home, but would clash and give a gloomy look to a more stone, German colonial style home. Similarly, a red roof compliments an adobe, Spanish-style home well, but tends to look tacky on a more traditional ranch-style home. Any roof expert will tell you to consider the style of your home before choosing the color of your roof.

Characteristics of your Community

It is important to consider the ramifications of your roof color decision on the over-all theme of your neighborhood or community. Straying too far from the status-quo can make cause property values in your neighborhood, as well as cause you to incur repercussions from your home owners association.

The First Step

The first step for you to take is to send an online request or call M&M Construction Specialist for a free quote at 908.378.5951. After you take this initial step, M&M Construction Specialist will guide you through the process of choosing the right roof for your home!

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