Finding the Top Roofing Contractor in Bloomfield, NJ

Homeowners in Bloomfield, NJ should know how their roof is constructed before looking for a roofing contractor. The quality of workmanship performed by a roofer is dependent on their roofing knowledge, which includes the roof’s construction, the quality of the shingles they will use, the underlayment and eave protection. You can learn more about these essential roofing element at


Finding a quality roofing contractor is essential in keeping a durable and reliable roofiko2 over your head. A roofing company that performs quality work will always check the roof deck for rotten wood and other areas where leaks can occur. The quality of the roof deck is essential to support the underlayment and the shingles and should be inspected regularly. This inspection can be done from the attic, or it be done after the shingles and the underlayment have been removed.


When replacing the shingles, it is also a good practice to replace the underlayment. Providing protection from rain that can blow under the shingles, the underlayment will deteriorate over time in the NJ weather. A good contractor will be able to recommend the best underlayment for your home. The quality of shingles that a contractor uses is also of great importance. There are several shingle manufacturers, so homeowners should be sure to inquire about the shingle quality in order to choose the best shingle for the individual roof.


Eave protection is also an essential part of the roof as ice buildup is likely to occur because heat that escapes through the attic will not warm the eaves. The danger of going without eave protection is the ice dams that may form when water and snow freeze to the point of preventing water from entering the eaves. This condition can cause damage to the fascia and to the roof area under the shingles. As you can see, it is vital to find one of the best roofing companies NJ has to offer; one who knows how to replace a roof that will provide a quality inspection after the work is completed.


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