Green Brook, NJ Roof Repair

Every Green Brook, NJ roof has problems, but how did these issues begin in the first place? Here are the top four Green Brook, NJ roof problems. These problems can all be fixed and even prevented.
 1.)    Lack of maintenance- this can cause many problems and damage to your roof. Deterioration, debris, holes, blisters and bubbles are a result of lack or poor maintenance to a roof.
2.)    Design deficiencies- the way the roof was originally designed is also a cause of roof problems. Some examples of this are: weak structure, inadequate roof slope, and sagging roof slope, etc. although the majority of these problems can be fixed through the method of re-roofing.
3.)    Weathering- It is always a main cause of roofing issues, and is difficult to prevent. Hail, rain, snow, sun damage, and even air pollutants are all major causes of roof damage.  The more exposure to certain damaging weather, the more issues the roof usually has, although there is hope for your roof. There are many different methods of re-roofing and patching that can be done to repair your roof and help prevent it from being damaged the next time a severe storm or weather condition comes your way.
4.)    Wind damage- flying debris and strong winds can cause your roof to deteriorate, in cases such as strong hurricanes and tornadoes; it is inevitable for something to happen to your roof, although regular gusts of high winds can also cause damage. An obvious factor of wind damage to your roof is the high intensity of wind that your roof suffers from. Talk to your contractor about ways to improve the strength and durability of your roof.
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