New Providence, NJ Roof Replacement

How do you know if your New Providence, NJ home needs a roof replacement? Here are four tips:

1) Shingles In your Lawn – Shingles in your lawn can be a bad sign. Either shingles are rotting off your roof or have become weak with age. Call your local New Providence, NJ roofer before the damage becomes worse.

2) Gaps Inside The Pattern – Look for any shingles which have peeled back, folded more than, or been removed from their usual spots. Gaps inside the pattern are a clear indication of missing shingles or shingles that have been bent out of shape.

3) Impacts Inside your Roof – If you hear something fall on your New Providence, NJ roof, do not assume that the roof has no damage. A medium-sized branch from a tree could knock several shingles off of your roof.

4) Hail Stones – Storms can cause damage to your roof, not only is wind damage possible, but hail stones can cause great damage to your shingles. After a hail storm, call your local New Providence, NJ roofer for a free estimate.

Inspecting your roof for damage in case you notice these indicators can be a essential a a part of protecting your roof. Really should you wait, the modest, non-visible issues can escalate into potential disasters. It is better to make minor repairs than wait so long and have to replace the entire roof.

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