Vinyl Siding: Popular Styles

Many of our readers know that vinyl is among the easiest siding products to install and maintain, but simplicity doesn’t have to mean boring! This article discusses just a few of the several styles of vinyl siding available on today’s market, including: Traditional, Dutchlap, Beaded, Scalloped, and Shakes.

Most people are drawn to vinyl siding because of its simplicity: simple installation, little to no maintenance and impervious to weather and rot. While it’s true that vinyl really is all of these things, there is much more to this product than many realize. Simple? Yes. Boring? Never! With so many colors, textures and styles to choose from, making your home exterior vision a reality is simple.

The following are just a few of the unique styles available to you:

Traditional Vinyl Siding – Traditional vinyl siding is essentially vinyl in its most classic form. Each individual board appears to overlap one another horizontally, like traditional wood siding.

Dutchlap – Dutchlap is a more decorative variation of regular vinyl siding. With a clapboard style, the face of the siding is beveled (or tapered), rather than cut into perfect rectangles. It illustrates the careful, hand-carved craftsmanship of Old World carpenters.

Beaded – Featuring a half-round molding effect at the bottom of the pane, beaded vinyl provides more depth and dimension than traditional cuts. It resembles the Southern Colonial look.

Scallop – Scallop vinyl has rounded bottom edges in overlapping rows. It creates more of a Victorian style.

Shakes – Used on the entire home, or just as a focal point, shakes’ square-edge design is reminiscent of a New England style.

All of these styles come in numerous colors, often about fifteen or more depending on brand.You can also have flat siding or textured. The possibilities and combinations are endless! If you are looking to add flair to your home without high cost, contact your trusted NJ siding contractor, M&M Construction Specialist at 908-378-5951 or visit

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